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Learn About Wisconsin Medicaid

Wisconsin Medicaid, also known as BadgerCare, is a state and federally run program that enables eligible residents to access quality health care for free or at a low cost.

If you are asking “What is Medicaid?” it is simply a national health program available in all states. However, the program options vary from state to state. For example, WI Medicaid eligibility is not the same as the eligibility requirements in other states.

Wisconsin Medicaid is available to select groups of people that qualify based on their income levels, family status and other special criteria. Check our WI Medicaid eligibility section for an outline of populations eligible for the program. Medicaid in Wisconsin is managed by the Department of Health Services.

A Wisconsin Medicaid application can be completed in a few ways. The application is free and involves providing personal and family information to determine eligibility. Depending on the information you provide, the application may be approved the first time you apply.

Sometimes, the application may not be approved if more information or evidence is required for the information you provided. Check the Wisconsin Medicaid application section to understand the complete application process.

Wisconsin Medicaid covers a number of health care services. The services are pre-determined by the state and may change from time to time. The services are offered by contracted managed care organizations (MCO’s). The MCO needs to be chosen when applying for the program.

The MCO you choose will determine the primary health care providers you can visit for health services. WI Medicaid only covers services offered by care providers that are in a network of one of the approved MCO’s.

When your WI Medicaid is approved, you can begin taking advantage of the various health benefits offered. Medicaid covers a number of services that are determined by the state. Sometimes the coverage may be revised.

Your Wisconsin Medicaid primary care provider will inform you whether the service you want is covered. Check our Wisconsin Medicaid coverage and costs section for an overview of the services offered.

Read on for Wisconsin Medicaid information such as costs as well as application and coverage details.

Understanding Qualifications for Medicaid in Wisconsin

What are the requirements for Medicaid in Wisconsin? is a question many individuals and families in the state ask when applying for health care coverage. However, Wisconsin Medicaid eligibility requirements vary between each available program.

To find out what are the Medicaid application guidelines in Wisconsin, petitioners should review general requirements as well as those specific to certain programs.

Medicaid benefits eligibility in Wisconsin typically focuses on the applicant’s financial need, personal circumstances or a combination of the aforementioned. Many of these requirements are the same for multiple Medicaid programs and a petitioner who is eligible for Medicaid may fit into a few subprograms.

Find Out How To Apply for Medicaid in Wisconsin

“Can I apply for Medicaid?” is a quandary that baffles many of Wisconsin’s residents. The more you know about how to apply for WI Medicaid, the more at ease you can feel ahead of applying.

Wisconsin Medicaid is available for those who reside in the state of Wisconsin and earn little or no money, those who are disabled, the blind, and those aged 65 and older. All sorts of different programs can be applied for when a WI Medicaid application is completed.

Eligible recipients can sign up for Medicaid programs like Family Care, The Emergency Services Plan, Community Waivers, The Well Woman Medicaid Plan, The Medicaid Deductible Plan, and The Medicaid Purchase Plan.

Cost and Coverage of Medicaid in Wisconsin

“What services are covered by Wisconsin Medicaid?” Applicants of WI Medicaid services usually have this question when they want to apply for the cover. Moreover, applicants wonder what is not covered by Medicaid and how much they are going to pay for the service. is a privately owned website that is not operated or owned by any government agency.