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Learn About Oklahoma Medicaid

Oklahoma Medicaid is also referred to as SoonerCare. Medicaid in Oklahoma has not been as successful when compared to other states in the country. For example, it covers only 780,782 people as of June 2016. This is due to the Oklahoma Medicaid program not expanding its coverage. President Obama’s administration helped in the formation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly known as ObamaCare. The act gave freedom to states to choose expansion of Medicaid, as the federal government wanted more eligible people to benefit. Oklahoma has opted not to expand its program, as of now.

Information about Medicare in Oklahoma suggests that the state could include 348,000 more people if it decided to expand the program. Today, more than 91,000 residents in the state remain without access to insurance. Many state organizations continue to pressure the state government to reconsider its hard stance and embrace Medicaid expansion. Today, more people are applying for coverage and obtaining enrollment.

Medicaid was established to provide affordable health care to residents who come from low-income families or households. Typical Medicaid eligible residents are children, the aged, disabled and blind, pregnant mothers and other disadvantaged groups. Note that the Children Health Insurance Program caters to the specific needs of children. Just like Medicaid, it is funded jointly by federal and state governments and is administered by respective state departments of health and family services. Medicaid in one state may vary from the provisions of the healthcare program in another state. It is important to seek information about Medicaid in the state you live in as opposed to the universal provisions.

If you want basic information about Medicaid in Oklahoma, you will find it here. For example, learn the necessary application procedures that include proof of your residence, proof of your nationality and financial information. When you visit our other pages, learn what non-financial requirements you need to meet. Applying for Medicaid in Oklahoma is accepted online, over the phone, by mail, and in person.

Understanding the Qualifications for Medicaid in Oklahoma

Applicants who meet Oklahoma Medicaid eligibility requirements may be eligible to receive Oklahoma’s Medicaid services, or SoonerCare. However, OK Medicaid benefits eligibility depends on several important factors. Of these Medicaid requirements, meeting income and asset restrictions, as well as providing proofs of identity and residency are necessary to receive full medical care benefits. Applicants who meet requirements for Medicaid will receive free medical services including doctor visits, prescription medications and hospitalizations.

Find Out How to Apply for Medicaid in Oklahoma

In September of 2016, slightly more than 800,000 residents of Oklahoma had learned how to apply for Medicaid. Better known as SoonerCare, approximately two-thirds of the SoonerCare members are children. It is interesting to note that the number of people to apply for Medicaid in OK was slightly over 790,000 by the end of 2013. The state’s population that understands how to apply for Oklahoma Medicaid has increased a mere 1.5 percent since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was implemented.

Cost and Coverage of Medicaid in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Medicaid coverage (also known as SoonerCare) caters for a number of health services for eligible residents. However, only medically-necessary services are covered and some have restrictions. For example, some Medicaid services are only offered to children under 21 years. is a privately owned website that is not operated or owned by any government agency.