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North Carolina Medicaid

What is Medicaid in North Carolina, exactly? North Carolina Medicaid covers almost 2 million patients statewide. However, since NC Medicaid did not elect the program expansion, more than 800,000 additional state residents that would be eligible to receive the benefits of the government-sponsored health initiative cannot apply.

However, for those low-income individuals and families able to enroll in North Carolina Medicaid, medical expenses are no longer a major financial concern.

Although NC Medicaid is among the state programs that have not expanded coverage as provided by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there are still many eligible applicants that can collect Medicaid benefits in the state.

What is Medicaid’s eligibility criteria? Most states host similar qualifications, including proof of state residency and U.S. citizenship, along with reaching (but not going over) income thresholds, depending on household size.

The NC Medicaid program provides healthcare insurance to anyone who cannot afford private health insurance. Examples of typical Medicaid beneficiaries are pregnant women, children, the elderly, the blind, disabled people and adults who come from poor and low-income backgrounds. However, while some patients are fully covered by Medicaid in North Carolina, others may only receive partial coverage.

What this means is that Medicaid costs and coverage vary based on your qualifications. Here, you can learn more information about Medicaid expenses and services covered.

When you have read up on all of the important Medicaid information, and have confirmed your eligibility, you will then be ready to apply for Medicaid in NC. You can complete your North Carolina Medicaid paperwork in a number of ways.

When you are ready to apply for Medicaid in NC, be sure to have official identity documents handy to ensure a smooth process. Learn more on Medicaid applications by continuing to peruse our comprehensive site.

Medicaid in North Carolina lifts the financial burden of medical costs from low-income patients who cannot otherwise afford health coverage. To review more information on Medicaid eligibility and qualifications, the services and costs covered by Medicaid and the application process, continue on for an in-depth overview on our website.

Understanding Qualifications for Medicaid in North Carolina

What are the requirements for Medicaid? The Medicaid eligibility requirements in North Carolina are not the same as in other states. And, Medicaid benefits eligibility have not fluctuated much to accommodate more applicants, as the state has not accepted Medicaid expansion.

Nonetheless, if you are interested in enrolling in Medicaid, the first step is to review how to qualify for Medicaid in North Carolina.

Find Out How To Apply for Medicaid in North Carolina

Understanding how to apply for Medicaid in North Carolina is the first step toward receiving government-sponsored healthcare benefits. However, prior to starting your Medicaid application, you must meet certain eligibility requirements.

Unlike the state health insurance marketplace, there is no deadline to apply for North Carolina Medicaid. Applicants are reviewed and coverage is extended throughout the entire year.

Cost and Coverage of Medicaid in North Carolina

Medicaid services in North Carolina enable eligible residents to obtain essential health care by paying for some or all of the medical costs through various government-sponsored programs.

Through North Carolina Medicaid coverage, individual patients and households with certain resources and income limits receive affordable health care. is a privately owned website that is not operated or owned by any government agency.