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Learn About Maine Medicaid

Maine Medicaid, also known as MaineCare, is a medical assistance program that currently covers more than 270 thousand residents of Maine. If you are new to Maine, you might be wondering, “What is Medicaid in ME?” The United States federal government instituted Medicaid in 1965 to help low-income individuals and families get the medical care they need. Medicaid is a federal program, but the program allows each state to tailor adapt its own Medicaid system to meet the needs of its residents. Keep reading for more basic Maine Medicaid information.

The federal government does not control Medicaid; it is run at the state level. Though they must comply with federal regulations, every state has its own version of the program. Therefore, Medicaid coverage can vary from one state to another. Certain information about Medicaid is accurate no matter which state you are talking about. The covered services for instance Medicaid may vary. MaineCare does not cover some services that are covered other states. Other states may not cover services that Maine does. The costs may also be different as well; some beneficiaries in Maine will pay a given monthly premium while other, low-income Medicaid insurance beneficiaries will qualify to pay no premiums at all.

If you are new to the program, the question, “What is Medicaid eligibility?” may be on your mind as well. MaineCare eligibility is typically determined based on the income level of the individual or household applying for benefits. Only applicants that fall within the allowable income range are eligible to receive benefits. All applicants must meet income, residency and any other requirements to qualify for the program.

If you believe you qualify for medical assistance benefits, you can begin the process of applying for Medicaid at any time. Individuals and families are free to choose any of Maine’s simple Medicaid application methods to apply. We have provided comprehensive information on our site about the application options, eligibility, coverage and costs on our site.

Understanding Qualifications for Medicaid in Maine

What are the requirements for Medicaid in Maine? For applicants wondering who is eligible for Medicaid, exactly, there are several factors that come into play. First, Medicaid eligibility requirements include some basic legalities regarding a patient’s residency. Next are the Medicaid income requirements, which are crucial in determining how to qualify for Medicaid.

Find Out How to Apply for Medicaid in Maine

Maine Medicaid is also known as MaineCare, and provides low-cost or free services to eligible residents. However, Maine is among the nineteen states that have not accepted federal expansion of Medicaid. According to a report by the Kaiser Family Foundation report, more than 38,000 Maine residents are locked out of the health plan due to the state’s refusal to expand the program.

Cost and Coverage of Medicaid in Maine

If you are wondering, “What services are covered by Medicaid in Maine?” note that insured services and equipment will vary from state to state. The types of Medicaid insurance services provided by Maine Medicaid will be different from those provided in other parts of the country. Furthermore, the question of, “How much does Medicaid cost?” varies similarly across the nation and within each state. is a privately owned website that is not operated or owned by any government agency.