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Low Cost Methods To Avoid Hospital Visits

The price of healthcare, especially medical services, can be costly. From monthly health insurance premiums to the price of prescription medications, the expenses add up, even if you have healthcare coverage. Emergency room visits are among the most expensive out-of-pocket costs to patients, as a high insurance deductible means that one visit to the ER […]

Five Apps to Help Lower Prescription Drug Costs

Prescription drug costs can pose a major financial burden to American consumers. Furthermore, drug prices often vary among pharmacies, even ones serving the same local area. Many people are not aware of this variation in the cost of meds, and even if someone recognizes this fact, he or she may find it challenging to track […]

Online Degrees For Career Advancement

Adults looking to advance their career are often torn between the decision to enroll in a degree program or take time away from their obligations of family, work, and community. Online degree programs make it easier than ever for adults to take time to devote to both continuing their education and remaining an active participant […]

How to Make a Budget and Reduce Costs

Creating a financial plan is the best way to stay on top of bills and alleviate stress around due dates. Just listing monthly costs can be beneficial, as it helps outline where and when to allocate resources. By developing an aggregated account of reoccurring bills and ongoing debts, individuals and families can look for ways […]

Find Out How to Appeal Denied Medicaid Services

Medicaid is a federal and state run health care program that provides health insurance to individuals and families with limited income. The government extends benefits to medically deserving candidates such as those who have disabilities, are pregnant or are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Since the government established Medicaid for needy applicants, there are restrictions on eligibility […]

Learn About Medical Services for Children Ineligible for Medicaid

Some families with children may not meet the income requirements to qualify for Medicaid and Children’s Medicaid. Fortunately, these applicants have some other options to receive health care coverage for their children and avoid paying a tax penalty. About the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a partnership between […]

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